Forever Fuels (Imported) Wood Pellets

Pellets produced from approximately 95% pine, 2% eucalyptus, 2% acacia, by Pelletsfirst (ENplus ID PT002) in Portugal. From sustainable sources (Green Gold Label certified).

Very high calorific value according to analysis (>4.9 kWh/kg Net CV as received), due to low moisture content (< 5%).

They are shipped in bulk and bagged locally at Forever Fuels Avonmouth bagging plant.


ENplus Certified Yes
ENplus Certificate PT002
Energy Content
(Net Calorific Value)
4.8 kWh/kg
(Assumed - no confirmed value available)
Country of Origin Portugal
Quantities Available Full Pallet : 70 x 12.5kg bags (875kg)
Full Pallet : 98 x 10kg bags (980kg)

Forever Fuels (Imported) Pellet Prices

Wood Pellet prices are currently unavailable.
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