More New Features Added

More New Features Added

We’re excited to announce some great new features:-

Energy Content & Price per kWh

We’ve now included the energy content (Calorific Value) figures for most of the wood pellet brands (unfortunately not all as for some reason this information isn’t always that easy to find)

This has enabled us to include a cost per kWh figure on the Wood Pellet Prices listing to enable a more accurate comparison between brands and to make it easier to compare with other types of fuel (See for values for other fuels)


We’ve also added a shortlist function.  You can now add products you’re interested in to your shortlist which allows you to compare the price and technical information on all of your shortlisted products side by side.  You’ll notice the Shortlist box on the Wood Pellet Prices page as well as an “Add to Shortlist” button on the popup windows in the listings.

Price Change History

You can now see a listing of all of the wood pellet price changes in the last month, click here or follow the link in the “Prices last checked” box on the Wood Pellet Prices page.

We’re hoping to be able to add further stats and historical information in the near future.

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Posted by Ross

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