Woodlets Supply Restricted

Woodlets Supply Restricted

The following update has been posted on the Woodlets website (


18th December 2017

Dear Woodlets Customers,


I must apologise for the lack of availability of Woodlets.


Although our Woodlets plant in Girvan has operated well this year and continues to do so, we have been overwhelmed by the number of orders we have been receiving.


This has been driven by a combination of factors, including exceptionallycold weather and a number of other production plants both in the UK and Europe going offline, squeezing overall global supply.


We have decided reluctantly to restrict Woodlets orders to long standing customers and those on long term contracts and not accept any new customers.


I do expect the supply picture to improve over the next 8 weeks and we will lift this restriction as soon as possible.


With best wishes


John Westmacott,

Managing Director

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Posted by Ross

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