kWh and Calorific Value Information

kWh and Calorific Value Information

We have been advised today that there may have been some inconsistencies with the Caloriphic Value (kWg/kg) figures previously published on this site.

We have therefore decided to temporarily set all of the figures to the minimum ENplus-A1 requirement of 4.6kWh/kg while we review and confirm the accuracy of the information we hold.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, we hope to get this resolved as soon as possible.


30 June 2016

As a follow on to the above, we have decided that, in order to ensure the accuracy of the data we provide, calorific value information will now only be included where a test result can be provided confirming the net calorific value as received (as specified by the ENplus standards)

We would be grateful if any suppliers/producers could contact us with this information so we can make the required updates.

Many Thanks.

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