Happy New Year and an apology

Happy New Year and an apology

Firstly, Happy New Year (a bit late i know!)

Unfortunately due to other commitments I haven't had as much time to spend on the Wood Pellet Guide over the last couple of months as I'd have liked, and unfortunately some of the info on the site had become a little out of date and emails have gone unanswered - Please accept my apologies for this.  

However now we've got Christmas out of the way, the long, dark, cold evenings are the ideal opportunity to attempt to resume normal service!

The daily price checks are an automated process, so these have continued to run as normal, there were a few out of date products and checks that have been failing, however I believe these have all now been corrected and I'm beginning to work my way through the email backlog, so if you have emailed recently and not had a reply, i'll be in touch soon (apologies for the delay)

Am also starting to make my way through all of the existing suppliers listed to see if there are any new products that need adding, as well as hunting out new suppliers.  If you know of any (or if you are a supplier that isn't listed) please get in touch.

As always, any comments or suggestions, please do get in touch.  I will get back to you, but apologies if it isn't straight away.


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Posted by Ross

Ross is the main author of this website who developed a slight obsession with heating and wood pellets after moving to a very cold and draughty house in the middle of winter 2014!