Wood Pellet Guide Overview

The aim of this site is to be a one-stop-shop for information on the supply and prices of wood pellets in the UK.

As of August 2015 we're still very much "Under Construction" so please excuse any errors or if certain information is a bit thin on the ground, things should improve (and some new features added) over the coming months.

Our initial focus is on bagged wood pellets for heating, mainly because that's what we use ourselves, but also because the prices are readily available online which isn't the case for blown pellets currently.

We hope to be able to add loose/blown pellets and pellets for animal bedding at some point in the future

We'd welcome any feedback or comments you have, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. For the time being you can email hello@woodpelletguide.uk. The usual contact form, twitter and facebook pages will be online soon.


Why the interest in wood pellets?

In January 2014 we moved from the suburbs of Reading to rural Derbyshire. The house we moved in to would probably best be described as a bit of a project, and one of the first problems we were faced with was heating (or rather, a lack of it)

Although the house already had wood fuel central heating, we were aware that the Rayburn had seen better days and was going to need replacing in the near future. We had hoped it might have some life in it although unfortunately it turned out that wasn’t the case.

We also hadn't banked on the chimney sweep condemning one of the two wood burners that we'd hoped would see us through the worst of the winter in the absence of any central heating.

So after a few very cold days (and colder nights), the search for a replacement boiler began.

Initially we considered replacing the Rayburn with a new solid fuel model, however the amount of effort that seemed to be required to keep them alight meant that didn’t seem like a practical option when we’re out at work all day.

Due to access restrictions, the expense and being tied to a limited number of distributors, LPG was also ruled out.

Oil was seriously considered for a while, but the idea of a tank in the back garden didn’t really appeal and something just didn’t feel right about an oil installation.

So we started to look at the alternatives, and a wood pellet boiler seemed like the only other viable option to oil.

We were initially a little put off by some of the negative comments circulating around the internet at that time, as well as the size and cost of many of the boilers, however our minds were put at rest after a visit from a local biomass installer who recommended one of the Red365 Compact boilers.

The Red365 Compact 24 boiler was installed and commissioned at the start of April and, for the first time since we moved in, we were warm! The fan heaters could be switched off and we could actually use the whole house!!

This site

After the first couple of pellet orders, I became a little frustrated with comparing the prices from the various suppliers especially as most of the different brands of pellets are sold in pallets of slightly different quantities.

Being one of those people, i’d already knocked up a spreadsheet to compare the prices, but decided there was a better way.

So, in an attempt to make life a little easier, I knocked together a script that automatically got the prices from the various websites and gave me a nice list to compare with the minimum of effort.

Thinking that others may find this useful, I made it look a little prettier, added some other info (ENplus certification, BSL etc) and created the Wood Pellet Guide.

The prices are now checked every day, so should always be up to date, some of the other information is checked manually, so do have a look at the Data Accuracy section for more info.

Data Accuracy

The main thing to stress here is that the data on this website is provided as-is and that by using this site you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. (which basically say the same thing, but in a much more long-winded way!)

Every effort is made to ensure that it’s accurate and up to date, however you are advised to check the details thoroughly before making a purchase.

The prices are checked automatically every day, problems do occasionally occur that prevent this check from working, but you can see when the last successful check was made before following the link to the suppliers website. If a check does start to fail for any reason, then it is normally removed from the listing after 3 days so the issue can be resolved.

Other technical information, ENplus certification, BSL registration etc is checked manually and only verified periodically, therefore it is recommended that you verify this information yourself before purchasing (especially if you are reliant on the BSL registration for your RHI payments)

If you notice any incorrect information, please notify us by emailing hello@woodpelletguide.uk and we will remove or rectify any incorrect information as soon as possible.

If you are a supplier or manufacturer and you believe any of the information provided is correct (e.g. ENplus certification, BSL registration etc) please email hello@woodpelletguide.uk with the details and we will make the necessary updates as soon as we can.