Find wood pellets by bag size

I prefer 10 kg bags as we have to carry our pellets quite a way from the store to the boiler, carrying two 10 kg bags isn’t too bad but two 15 kg bags is a bit too much.

Some people prefer 15 kg bags as it’s fewer to open and load.

I guess some people might prefer 12.5 kg or 20 kg bags (we’ve got one supplier listed that sells them!)

Whatever your preference (if you have one) [read more]

Technical Issues

If you tried to check wood pellet prices with us last week you may have noticed that our site was playing up a bit.  Apologies for any inconvenience this caused, we had some hardware issues with our main server which caused a couple of fairly lengthy outages.

The server is now alive and well, and we're also in the process of upgrading our infrastructure to give us some more resilience in the event of any problems in the future.

If you've emailed us over the last week [read more]

kWh and Calorific Value Information

We have been advised today that there may have been some inconsistencies with the Caloriphic Value (kWg/kg) figures previously published on this site.

We have therefore decided to temporarily set all of the figures to the minimum ENplus-A1 requirement of 4.6kWh/kg while we review and confirm the accuracy of the information we hold.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, we hope to [read more]

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